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How to select a suitable injection molding machine?

Before we start select an injection molding machine, we need collect some information regarding the project. They are as follows:

  1. The outer dimensions of plastic products (length, width, height and thickness) and their weight.
  2. Mould size (width,height,thickness), cavity number and if any special design.
  3. Type of plastic material.
  4. Plastic injection molding requirement, such as quality and manufacturing speed, etc.

Now we start to choose a suitable injection molding machine after obtain the above information:

  1. Choose the right model: decide the series of machine according to the products and plastic material.
  2. Accommodate: based on the dimensions of mold, determine whether the tie bar distance, mold thickness and mold plate dimensions are suitable or not, to confirm that the machine can accommodate the mold.
  3. Retrievable: Based on the mold and product, determine whether the Mold Opening Stroke and Ejecting Stroke allow the product to be retrieved.
  4. Lockable: Determine the mold locking force based on the product and plastic material.
  5. Sufficient Injection: Determine the volume of injection from the weight of products and number of mold cavities, and select suitable screw diameter
  6. Good injection: Determine the “screw compression ratio” and “injection pressure” from the plastic materials.
  7. Fast injection: Checking the injection rate and injection speed.
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