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Thermosetting Injection Molding Machine


KW series thermosetting (bakelite/ formica) injection molding machine is used to process thermosetting plastic materials. Such as phenolic, unsaturated polyester, amino plastic, epoxy plastic, polyamide plastic etc. Machines are suitable to produce car ashtray, electronics, meter housing, terminals, cooling pot handles, electric baking pan, toaster and other injection molding parts.


» Hydraulic (optional), mechanical and electric triple inter-locked safety device, mould close is not realized when open any one of the safety door.
» Low pressure mould protection device, protect mould from damage due to any foreign objects.
» Use hydraulic ejector pin to adjust traverse, eject forward and backward pressure & speed, multi action available.
» Use high precise linear transducer to inspect position, multi-zone control mould opening stroke speed and position, accurately positioned.
» Strengthen moving platen wear resistance guide way.
» Centralized lubrication system guarantee uniform oil supply for every lubrication dots.


» Injection unit applies double guide post support, equip with fast and strong dual-cylinder balancing injection structure.
» Optimized design screw set, achieve excellent plasticizing effect.
» Using high quality nitride alloy or chrome coated screw and nitride barrel.


» TFT LCD color display
» Using high speed DSP processor, time control precision reaches
» High precise displacement transducer system, control precision
» Using fuzzy prediction technology, temperature control precision
» Multi input/ output interface, the interface function can be setting as demand.
» With output programmable function
» Support USB and network interface (optional)
» Parameter data lock protection, with auto save function in case accident power off
» Big data storage capability

Servo motor control

» Excellent energy saving as compared with the traditional fixed pump injection molding machine, it saves energy 20%-80% under the same working condition.
» Excellent injection molding stability
» Fast response
» Low noise and quiet operation
» Constant oil temperature


It is standard and conventional equipment. The applicable industries include general household hardware products, electronic information product housings, automobile parts, general lenses, frames, etc.

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